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Bula Re – ‘Most Welcome’ – was developed in 2008 in an old orchard of 4.86 rai surrounded by hills in Luang Nua, near Mae Kuang reservoir, north of Doi Saket. It is an independent  development accessed by a lit public road with privacy provided by hedges on 3 boundaries and a 154m canal length along the 4th boundary – just upstream from a watergate, it has a good water supply for the irrigation system and ponds. It was designed as a mostly single floor, resort-style home of 5 distinct buildings in a park-like garden setting – 90% of the land is garden and ponds:

Built area with 5 buildings – 0.28 rai = 453 sq m
Drive and paths – 0.19 rai = 305 sq m
Vegetable garden (20 irrigated raised beds) – 0.07 rai = 118 sq m
Ponds well stocked with fish, lilies, and Victoria lilies – 0.60 rai = 965 sq m
Garden and park – mature trees and bamboo up to 20m- 3.71 rai = 5,930 sq m
Total area – 4.86 rai = 7,780 sq m
[Total area from chanote, sub-areas owners estimates]

The plot is well served by public drinking water supply, ample electricity for the 10 air conditioners and has 2 Internet routers providing WiFi for all buildings and most of the garden. The property is offers unfurnished – the price includes fixtures and fittings.

The four of the five buildings are single storey so that none are higher than the trees. This allows spacious, high ceilings – principal rooms have cathedral ceilings up to 6m high. All principal rooms have fitted concertina or roller style insect screens, imported from Taiwan, and fitted Roman-style blinds or similar, which are included in the sale. The buildings have a total usable space of over 500 sq m with each building designed to serve particular needs.

1.Reception Building
The Reception building is the social and entertaining centre with a total developed area of some 185 sq m. There is a single social space of about 132 sq m comprising lounge, bar and deck, dining area and Western kitchen – using gas for cooking and hot water. The floor of the lounge/dining area is rosewood. The social area has 3 air conditioners with a total capacity approaching 100,000 BTU. The lounge/dining area has a cathedral ceiling rising to 6m above floor level – complete with a central chandelier and a pair of 54″ ceiling fans suspended 2m below the ceiling apex. The bar has a 3m by 5m laminated glass skylight built in the form of a cathedral ceiling to match the roofs over the social area and maid’s quarters. A support area of some 52 sq m provides a pantry, Thai kitchen – using gas for cooking and electric heater for hot water – maid’s quarters and utilities. The maid’s room has an air conditioner, 54″ fan, gas hot water and covered outdoor area.

2. Study and Master Bedroom
This is the heart of Bula Re. The study is 47 sq m, used for work and Internet access with a lounge and home theatre area. Built-in cupboards include a mini-kitchen with fridge, microwave, sink, kettle, electric water heater and storage. Windows and glazed doors provide superb views of gardens and ponds with an outside paved relaxation area. The Master Bedroom covers 38 sq m with a 20 sq m bedroom, 7.5 sq m dressing room and 10.5 sq m shower room – the dressing room and shower room have fitted cupboards. The shower room has a laminated glass skylight and, like the bedroom and dressing room, has large windows looking into the private Japanese-style garden and fishpond. Gas heating is used for hot water. Both the study and bedroom have cathedral ceilings, rising to 5.5 m and 4.5m respectively. Each has an air conditioner as well as 54″ ceiling fans – 2 in the study and 1 in the bedroom. The study and bedroom have teak floors.

3. Principal Guest Rooms
Each of the two guest rooms covers over 30 sq m of bedroom and en suite shower room, which looks into an enclosed private garden. The rooms were envisaged as accommodation for family members or long staying guests and the fitted furniture includes wardrobes, desk, and mini-kitchen with fridge, microwave, sink, kettle, electric water heaters, storage and breakfast bar. Both rooms have an air conditioner, cathedral ceiling and a 54″ ceiling fan. The guest rooms are set in their own area of the garden, linked by a bridge over the long pond to the paths to the Study and Reception building. There is a paved, sheltered area next to the guest rooms and seating in the garden.

4. Carport and Loft
This is the only two storey building, designed to provide sheltered parking for 3 vehicles and motor cycles the car port has a clear 9m span, requiring strong beams abwle to support a floor above the parking area. The ground floor also includes 25 sq m of workshop, shower room and store – including the MDB for the 3 phases and landline telecommunications. The Loft on the second floor has a total area of 14m by 4m (56sq m), which is designed as a guest suite with a double bedroom (24 sq m) and a single bedroom (13 sq m), each with an air conditioner, and a sitting room (13.5 sq m). Each room has a laminated glass skylight and at least 1 ceiling fan. All windows are fitted with insect screens and curtains or blinds.

5. Pump House, Garden Store and Gate House
The pump house, garden store and compost pens are built next to the canal at the end of the garden furthest from the main buildings. The pump house and store cover about 28 sq m plus additional outside storage space and 5 composting pens. The pumps, filters and microprocessor controls for the irrigation system are housed in this building along with sundry garden stores and equipment. The fittings and contents of the stores are included in the sale.

Vehicle access is by a 4m wide road connecting to the public road, Soi 5, with a separate gate for pedestrian access under a sheltered and paved tower area. The property boundary is up to 11m outside the gate and wall, allowing ample space for planting in front of the property and additional parking for 6 vehicles with out infringing on public or other property – a total of 15 on site.

Reference HS339


  • City: Chiang Mai
  • Neighborhood: Doi Saket
  • Country: Thailand

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