Here is what some of our valued clients say about Satihoga’s service during their experience buying & selling Chiang Mai property. Their positive feedback is a great reward for our efforts and encouragement to continue delivering quality services.

“I would like to use the opportunity to thank you a million for your continuing support and hard work of showing my house to your potential clients. I know it is the nature of your business to do so and you have made the whole experience so wonderfully pleasant and easy going with your professionalism, kindness and support. I will no doubt think of you and recommend you as first if there is anyone wishing to sell or purchase any properties in Chiang Mai. My best wishes to you.”


“Thank you for your excellent service which goes way beyond buying and selling. You have an uncanny ability to read the customer’s needs, and to see and deal with the difficulty and the emotion that is involved with buying and selling a home. You seemed to know what I, as a foreign customer was thinking all along. I will highly recommend you to any person or family who is interested to buy or sell real estate in Chiang Mai.”


“Within 10 months I sold my big house in Chiang Mai and bought a smaller house also in Chiang Mai. I only could have done this with Satihoga -Tropical Homes as my real estate agent. Their service is fast, to the point, professional, relaxed and friendly. As I was during this period often not present in Chiang Mai I could completely trust them with the keys of the house for viewings and with the negotiations on my behalf. With that I did not lose time. The good thing is that they cooperate with some other trustworthy real estate agents and especially with a Chinese agent. By that, although you pay in that case a higher percentage commission, you have access to a much bigger field of potential customers. Therefore in my opinion the higher fee is totally worth it as in my case I sold it to a Chinese customer.

Another nice aspect is that Satihoga is very realistic. They know the market and the market prices. The estimate they give me was very close to the actual price for which I sold my house. A maybe higher desired price means only a very long wait before you sell the house or maybe that will never happen. On the other hand they help you with the negotiations and with that avoid ridiculous discounting on the price by telling the other party that the asking price is a fair price. The pictures they made of the house I sold were attractive. They have good contacts with the land department which avoids unnecessary delays because the correct papers are not in place. In the end it was a very down to earth and fast happening affair for which I am grateful to Satihoga.”

ANNELIE (DUTCH) living in Chiang Mai since 1999

“I used Satihoga real estate when i was looking for a rental house. Contrary to many estate agents in Thailand I found them to be very responsive to my needs and within 24 hours of my initial inquiry they had set up 4 houses for me to view. I liked one of them and they made all the negotiations with the owner, even getting me a better deal than advertised and I got an extra air conditioned unit for a room that didn’t have one. All the paper work was done very quickly and was able to move to my new place straight away. Highly recommended!”


“From my first meeting with Satihoga – Tropical Homes I was impressed by their professional but above all personal approach in creating a unique sales service. My ensuing house purchase could not have gone better, with regular communication, advice and those all too useful tips, essential to easing what could have been an intimidating and confusing process. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Satihoga to anybody looking for a truly pleasurable and professional real estate experience.”


“We decided to move from China to Thailand / Chiang Mai and contacted a few real estate agents at CM. Only one answered quickly and this was Satihoga-Tropical Homes. The following pre-selection of the available properties, the show-around (thank you again for your never ending patience), the finalization of the business with lawyer etc.: all continued as it started: very professional, timely and in a very relaxed and honest surrounding. Also the after sales service to get acquainted and orientation at the new, strange surrounding was excellent. Thank you again for this perfect re-settlement within our limited time frame and we can highly recommend your services to others to find their perfect match at this beautiful location. “


“We have just finalized our second deal with Satihoga-Tropical Homes after living here in Chiang Mai for the past 3 years.

We purchased the first property through the response of the agent listening to our requirements and showing only property that met those parameters thus saving everyone time and frustration. In my opinion this showed they were committed in finding what we desired.

Only in the past month we were able to on sell this property again with Satihoga to start and build another property. This sale was engaged, photos taken, placed on the web site and within 1 month multiple purchases requiring the property.

In both cases that we have had the pleasure in dealing with Satihoga we have been able to successfully complete the deals with a mutual happy result for all involved.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Satihoga Tropical Homes to anyone looking for property of any nature in Chiang Mai and would strongly urge any new comes to Thailand this be their first point of contact if they are serious about buying property here.”


“At this point we would like to thank for the excellent service that was offered to us by Satihoga. We had only seen the house on the internet, but after a short correspondence, we decided to buy the house. The photos were good and meaningful and also corresponded to the actual events, as we later saw. The service then offered to us by Satihoga in connection with the contractual matters, was completely. So we could – after arriving in Chiang Mai – move into our new house after two days, after all the formalities were done at the regional land office within the shortest possible time and to our full satisfaction. We are happy with our new home!
Many thanks to Satihoga’s staff – we can only recommend this agent!”


“We have now sold two houses through Satihoga-Tropical Homes in quick time and the second house still hadn’t been uploaded to the website! I would recommend anyone to use Satihoga with their friendly professional service along with superior knowledge of real estate in Chiang Mai makes buying, selling or renting a property a simple process.”


“Thank you for a great meeting.  We admire your successful house projects, your real estate knowledge and your ability to understand our goals. We are excited about proceeding with you on our project.”


“We decided to move to Chiang Mai after many visits so began the task of finding a house to lease. After contacting many agents by e-mail with no replies we found Satihoga-Tropical Homes. We e-mailed them and next day an answer we kept in touch until we arrived, we were in Phuket we said we would fly up for 24hrs. We were met a hotel and our search began. We were taken to a number of homes all within our budget. Nothing was a bother we found our house. We returned home to Australia we kept in touch, and were kept informed and they looked after our house which was empty for 3 months.

We moved into the house on the 1 st of December. It did not stop there with this company we have been so well looked after and have found Khun Angkana to be a new found friend. To this day nothing is a trouble even to the language barrier such a big a help to go shopping when one is learning a new culture. They have gone beyond their job for us for this we thank them. I could recommend these people to anyone to be looked after they are trustworthy and are more like family to us!”


“We currently live outside of Thailand and we recently bought a house in Chiang Mai through Satihoga Tropical Homes. We were so impressed by their service that we never even considered trying another agent. We found them through their website which had a good range of properties in different price brackets, lots of photos and useful general information. They took the time to show us a number of properties during our short visits to Chiang Mai, giving us honest and thorough information about what to look out for and had a good understanding of the local property market. Once we had decided to make an offer, the process went very smoothly and much faster than we had imagined. Satihoga took care of everything from helping us to find a lawyer, to negotiations with the owner and providing us with a lot of information about the administrative processes needed – and were very friendly and helpful even on the little things. They have a strong commitment to customer service and a good understanding of the needs of international clients.

In fact, we have now engaged them as our long term property managers and they are taking care of everything above and beyond our expectations. Highly recommended!!”


“Imagine you are a retired farang and you would love to buy a house in Thailand. Moreover your beloved one in this marvellous country wants you to emigrate as soon as possible. In my situation I had to wait two long years before I could sell my house in the Netherlands. After the sale I booked a one-way ticket and entered my new homeland. After some time the urgent question arose: How do I find my dream house?

I browsed the Internet and found the website of Satihoga-Tropical Homes. From the first contact with Satihoga my wife and I had the feeling: They are the ones we were looking for. Their staff are reliable, fast working people. They take all the care for their clients you can dream off. They are clear in their contacts, negotiate for the case of their clients and give you the right insight in the possibilities and impossibilities of the house you probably want to buy. With their professional help we really found our Thai dream house. So can you!”


“I just wanted to say that after moving to Chiang Mai recently & needed to move into a house very quickly I came across Satihoga. After our first meeting the very next day we were shown a few different properties which we decided on 1. Their service was second to none & even helped us move in. I have nothing but praise for the way they conduct their business, very professional & most of all very polite & kind. Not only did we gain a amazing house but we also gained a friend.”


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you have done. Not only have we found a beautiful house that will be a wonderful home for us all we have been so impressed by how easy you made the whole process. Your fantastic support, advice and friendliness made the entire process seem so easy and for that we just wanted to thank you again. We were so happy to have completed the deal that I could hardly speak to put this into words. Thanks again for everything you have done from start to finish to make this happen, we are overjoyed. Keith and Fai and the children too, we know they are going to love it there.”


“Choosing to invest in property in Thailand, as with anywhere overseas, is a big decision and mine was made so much easier when I met with Satihoga Real Estate. Importantly, they only handle land and properties with Chanote (title/deed). Properties without a Chanote, my research had shown me, led to a labyrinth of complications and are best avoided! So it was good to know that all the properties Satihoga showed me were legally titled (and within my specified budget!). As beautiful as the houses were, I decided to embark instead on buying some land and building a house to my design, something I had never attempted before and with great potential for disaster, if it had not been for Satihoga’s excellent professionalism and guidance. They introduced me to my (English speaking) lawyers for the land purchase formalities, and recommended a brilliant construction company. The wheels set in motion; I then departed for my home in Dubai of 23 years. I returned to Chiang Mai, twelve months later in June 2007 with a 40ft container to take up residence in my new home. What a joyful adventure. Utterly seamless and I would do it all again tomorrow! I have no hesitation in recommending Satihoga Real Estate. Without you I would never have realised a dream.”


“Many thanks for continued excellent service to make happen what has now become a realized dream; to buy this wonderful home. We appreciate all your hard work to make this undertaking a smooth process.”


“Already our first contact through the internet left us under the impression that Satihoga-Tropical Homes is a professional real estate agency. This was confirmed when we met with their staff who helped us to find a beautiful piece of land on which we will construct our dream house. A reputable law firm was appointed to finalize the deal and the introduction to a professional builder completed the courteous and personable services. We always could rely on Satihoga’s suggestions and their experienced advice has proven to be very beneficial. Without hesitation we will recommend them to our friends.”


“It is well known that finding and buying a new home is not generally a good experience; especially in a country where one is not familiar with the language and customs & practice. It turned out to be the opposite! A friend advised me to contact Satihoga-Tropical Homes and this proved to be a good piece of advice. They quickly found me the house I wanted and then organized all the details of the sale. The entire purchase process was hassle free and carried out smoothly in a very professional manner.

You can be sure I will recommend you to anyone intending to buy a property in Chiang Mai. Keep up the good work!”


“Even though we had only seen details of our dream house on the Internet in England, the experienced and knowledgeable advice we received from Satihoga helped us to make the right decision and we are truly happy with our new home in Thailand. The honest, professional and helpful service of Satihoga made the whole process quick and straight forward.”