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Na Angkana
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Meet Na, the heart and soul behind Satihoga – where “Satihoga” embodies her core values: satisfaction, home, and guarantee.

认识 Na,Satihoga 背后的核心和灵魂——体现了她的核心价值观:Na 在当地房地产领域拥有 20 年的经验,将个性化服务和深入的当地知识独特地融合在一起。

Na offers a unique blend of personalized service and in-depth local knowledge from 20 years in the local real estate market.

With a profound commitment to delivering client satisfaction, Na understands what’s truly important to expats like you – finding not just a house, but a home.

Na 在当地房地产市场 20 年的深入本地知识的独特融合,提供个性化的服务。

Na 致力于提供高质量的服务,她理解对像您这样的外籍人士来说真正重要的是什么——不仅要找到房子,还要找到一个家。

Na is more than a real estate agent; she’s your partner in your Chiang Mai property journey.

Experience the best communities, local deals, and the confidence that comes with a well-informed decision.

Na 不仅仅是一名房地产经纪人; 她是您在清迈房地产之旅中的合作伙伴。


Let Na and Satihoga-Tropical Homes make your property dreams a reality.

让 Na 和 Satihoga-Tropical Homes 使您的房产梦想成为现实。

Latest Chiang Mai Real Estate Listings


Condo for rent Chiang mai
  • 1Bedroom
  • 1Bathroom
  • 68sq.m
Condo for sale Chiang mai
  • 1Bedroom
  • 1Bathroom
  • 47.69sq.m
House pool rent Chiang Mai
  • 5Bedrooms
  • 4Bathrooms
  • 373.5sq.m
Condo for sale Chiang mai
  • 1Bedroom
  • 1Bathroom
  • 52.47sq.m
House sale Chiang Mai
  • 2Bedrooms
  • 1Bathroom
  • 77sq.m
  • 4Bedrooms
  • 5Bathrooms
  • 663sq.m
Condo for sale Chiang mai
  • 2Bedrooms
  • 2Bathrooms
  • 60sq.m

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